The Best Way to Close a Sale is to Start with North Star Leasing

When you work with North Star Leasing, you have a program that makes dollars and sense. History has shown when vendors offer viable leasing options to their customers, they close more deals. After all, what is easier for a prospect to afford—an immediate full-cash outlay or an affordable monthly lease payment?

Our staff understands that the sales process can be a delicate time for both you and your prospect. Working with you, our experienced team of leasing professionals can help you “close the deal.” For example, some vendors prefer to provide only customer names and numbers and let us do the rest. Others prefer to keep their process internal and maintain a full-service relationship with their customers. We are flexible enough to cater to your individual wishes and protocols. North Star Leasing prides itself in quick credit approvals, liberal credit policies, and same-day payment to vendors upon receipt of invoices.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Give us a try by letting us handle your next application!

We Go the Extra Mile

  • Competitive Rates: We take a great deal of pride in offering some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • Flexible Lease Programs: To help you meet the demands of the competitive marketplace, we offer a range of programs including seasonal leases to accommodate cyclical businesses, annual payments for municipals as well as customized lease structures to meet unique situations.
  • Fast and Liberal Credit Decisions: We do not use off-the-shelf scoring systems that frequently eliminate potentially good applicants because of length of time in business, nature of business, or even unproven credit background. All customers are judged on their merit. We respond to the applicant the same business day.
  • Simple Documents: Our simple, short form application is generally all that is required. No complicated terminology. No lengthy forms. We make it easy for your customer to sign on the dotted line.