Increase your Sales by Providing Financing to your Clients

Have you ever heard a prospective buyer say, “Let me think about it” and walk out the door?
Translation: “How can I afford this?”–  There goes another missed sales opportunity.

North Star Leasing can help. Remove the “sticker shock” by offering a monthly payment option to your customers.  Instead of waiting for the customer to find funds or other financing, you have an immediate resource in your back pocket to pull in those customers. Our industry experts can educate your sales teams and dealers. You’ll always have a reliable source for questions and customer service – we’ll even provide marketing support for your sales teams and dealer network.

“Among manufacturers who offer financing for their equipment, a recent study shows approximately 30% of all equipment sales are financed by the manufacturer or its finance partner.” – ELFA Online

Why North Star Leasing?

  • We work to approve your customer for more that the quote, giving them incentive to buy additional equipment, upgrade or add-on attachments.
  • We handle all financing conversations, applications & approvals, plus all associated documentation with your customers
  • We provide vendor progress payments and ACH funds are transferred directly to your bank letting you get paid quickly
  • With our 40+ years of experience, we understand your customer’s equipment needs – our industry experts are here to work with your customer to build relationships not transactions.

How the Process Works

Give Your Customers Flexible Equipment Financing Programs

North Star Leasing offers a range of programs including skip payments and seasonal leases to accommodate cyclical businesses, municipal leasing programs, as well as customized lease structures to meet unique situations. Some programs include:

  •  12-60 months: Find a monthly payment to match their cash flow.
  • Seasonal Programs: Design a payment schedule responsive to their business cycles
  • Custom Programs: Let us customize a lease structure to meet a customer’s unique situation.
  • All programs include a $1.00 purchase option at the end of the lease and no penalty for prepayment.

At North Star Leasing, we are committed to world-class service that is second to none in the industry. Service is our guiding principle. With forty years of success and thousands of satisfied customers nationwide prove we’re doing something right.

Questions about offering financing to your customers? Fill out the form to the right and our team will get back to you promptly.