Leasing Procedure in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Credit Application

    Have your customer complete an application and submit it to us online, or the customer may call us directly. Upon approval, we will notify you of the terms. This notification is not an authorization for delivery. Contracts must be signed and accepted by North Star Leasing before we may authorize you to deliver.

  2. Contracts

    Upon notification of the customer’s approval, you can finalize your deal. Please email us a copy of your quote or equipment list (including complete description and final price) so that we may prepare the contracts based on that information. We will send documents to your customer, or to you, whichever you prefer.

  3. Delivery

    Upon receipt of signed contracts and payment of initial money, North Star Leasing will authorize delivery with a purchase order. The purchase order alerts you that the only step left for you to complete is delivery, we have accepted their contracts.

  4. Invoice

    If you operate with a quote and then invoice when equipment is shipped, we will use your quote to produce contracts, and the invoice should be emailed when it is printed. Please forward an original invoice as well, as it is necessary for our permanent records.

  5. Payment

    North Star Leasing is pleased to pay you immediately with the above steps complete and verbal verification of delivery is received from the customer.