Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

From Tesla to Chevy, electric vehicle (EV) sales are skyrocketing and businesses are eager to keep up with the increase of EVs on the road. North Star Leasing can help. From putting single charge points on your businesses premises, to an entire set of charging stations. If it’s for your business, North Star Leasing can finance it.

North Star Leasing has a long history of innovating to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and the addition of electric vehicle charging stations is no exception. With growing governmental incentives for businesses to purchase and install electric vehicle charging stations, there is a huge opportunity for companies interested in catering to EV drivers.

Our financing solutions are flexible enough to fit any budget, making leasing charging points ideal for businesses looking to take on the latest technologies with little upfront cost.  Charging infrastructure will be a major factor in mass adoption of EVs.

Lineup of white electric vehicle charging stations

North Star Leasing offers a range of business equipment financing programs. Most of our financing is structured as a lease with a $1.00 buyout and regular monthly payments. We can structure skip payments and seasonal leases to accommodate cyclical business equipment financing. We also offer special municipal leasing programs and customized financing structures to meet unique situations. Some programs include:

  • 12-60 months: Find a monthly payment to match your cash flow
  • Seasonal Programs: Design a payment schedule responsive to your business cycles
  • Custom Programs: Let us customize a lease structure to meet your unique situation