Lease Quality Equipment for Your Distillery

North Star Leasing provides the quality equipment that distillery owners need, when they need it. Whether you’re just starting to build your distillery from the ground up or you’re needing additional equipment to expand your production, our team has got you covered. The range of equipment that we offer leasing for ensures that you have everything that you need to properly run your distillery.

Why Lease Equipment:

  • Free Up Working Capital
  • Protect Your Line of Credit
  • Gain Tax Advantages
  • Eliminate Obsolescence
  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • Enjoy the Latest Technology

As the owner of a distillery, you know that the ingredients, process, and equipment are the most crucial components to your success; without one of them, you’re not going to be set for success. While we know that you and your team have the craftsmanship of your spirits down, the equipment can be a different story. Though they are necessary parts of owning a successful distillery, they can be expensive and difficult to invest in — especially if you’re just getting started.

The last thing that North Star Leasing wants is for dreamers to throw their dreams to the wind, especially when it all comes down to a lack of equipment. That is why we offer quality equipment that distillery owners need. Keep reading to learn more about still columns and the benefits of leasing one from North Star Leasing.

What Is a Still Column

Still columns are crucial to the distilling of spirits. That being said, they are extremely large and can be expensive when purchasing them outright. In most distilling setups, there are two still columns used. The first column is used to steam and wash the ingredients while they’re in the column. The next column pulls the alcohol from the wash where it then circulates and condenses until it reaches the optimal level of strength.

What to Consider When Choosing a Still Column

Finding the right equipment for your distillery is going to depend on a few factors. For starters, you need to consider the spirit that you’re going to be making. You will also want to look at the level of production that you’re going to need to distill. These two factors alone will contribute to the overall distilling process, the end result of the spirit, and how much you’re able to make. To achieve your goals, the equipment that you choose needs to be done strategically.

Amount of Spirits You’re Making

When it comes to finding the right column for your distillery, you’re going to need to consider the amount of spirits that you need to produce. Given that this is such a crucial part of the distilling process, your production levels and goals are something that you should be calculating before you decide on which still column is going to be best. If you’re not entirely sure, let the team at North Star Leasing help you find the right equipment!

Lease Your Still Column From North Star Leasing

The team at North Star Leasing ensures that you have all of the quality supplies that you need for your distillery. We ensure that your distillery has everything it needs to continue growing and providing tasty spirits. Given that every distillery is different, as are their goals, the equipment needs too will differ. That is exactly why we offer our customers leases that range from 12 to 60 months with each piece of equipment.

If you’re ready to get the equipment that you need for your distillery to succeed, contact our team. We would be more than happy to schedule a time for a full consultation on your equipment needs and provide you with some additional information on how we can assist!