If you’re a brewery owner in today’s day and age, you are in a booming and popular industry. In fact, according to data from the Brewers Association, there were about 6,372 breweries operating in the U.S. in 2017, and that number has only continued to grow.

But how do you ensure your brewery can continue to succeed and thrive? By ensuring you have the proper equipment to do so. And believe us, this brewing equipment doesn’t come cheap if you decide to outright purchase it.

That’s why we offer affordable brewery equipment financing options here at North Star Leasing. We want to help brewery owners across the nation thrive and succeed, and we know that all can start with having access to the proper equipment.

If you need a refrigerator or cooler for your brewery, we can connect you with the best the industry has to offer. Simply let us know what you need, and we can come up with an equipment financing solution for you. Contact us today to get your estimated monthly payment.

Why You Need A Quality Refrigerator/Cooler For Your Brewery

Nothing makes beer more refreshing than ensuring it’s served cold. A refrigerator or cooler is the piece of equipment that helps with this process.

Shopping for a new chiller system can be overwhelming, especially since there are many different types of systems with varying features and aspects that make them unique. The price of a brewing refrigeration system can range between $1,600 to more than $12,000.

If you can understand the basics of brewing refrigeration equipment, you’ll be successful as a brewery owner. Reach out to our team today to see how we can help you finance the refrigerator or cooler for your brewery so you can take your business to the next level.

Benefits Of Financing Your Brewing Refrigerator/Cooler

So, it all comes down to the age-old question: Should you finance or purchase your brewing equipment?

If you are overflowing in additional cash flow, maybe you can afford to purchase a refrigeration system. However, if you’re like most business owners, you don’t have a ton of upfront money to spend on this piece of equipment, which is when equipment financing is most beneficial.

Here are a few other benefits of financing your brewing refrigeration system through North Star:

  • We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • Our credit decisions are fast and liberal.
  • We provide you with simple documentation.
  • We have decades of industry experience.
  • We truly care about seeing your brewery thrive and succeed.
  • And more!

At North Star Leasing, we offer financing terms that range from 12 to 60 months — depending on whatever makes the most sense for you. Learn more about equipment financing programs here.

Finance Your Brewery Equipment Through North Star Leasing

Starting a brewery is no small feat, and getting all the right equipment for it can cost brewery owners anywhere between $100,000 to upwards of $1 million. North Star Leasing makes those numbers less overwhelming when it comes to our brewery equipment financing options.

We are a Top Rated Local® Business Equipment Leasing Company, and we have decades of on-staff industry experience. Our mission is to provide our clients with monthly financing payments that best suits their budget.

Learn more about our equipment financing programs here, and contact us today with any questions you may have about financing your brewery’s refrigerator or cooler through us!