Brewery Equipment Financing: The Basics


Living in Vermont, we know the beer and brewing industry. In fact, we have more than 10 breweries within walking distance from our offices! At North Star Leasing, we are proud supporters of the beer and brewing industry, which is why we offer equipment financing for several brewing equipment products, ranging from kegs to fermentation tanks. Contact us today for more information about our brewery equipment leasing options.

How do we help?

According to statistics from the National Brewers Association, the overall beer market in 2017 was worth $111.4 billion and craft beer sales increased by 5 percent the same year. On top of that, there were 6,372 total breweries last year — about 2,252 brewpubs and 3,812 microbreweries — which is the most the U.S. has ever seen!  If you’re a brewer anywhere in the nation, right now is your opportunity to thrive as an entrepreneurial business owner, and to run a successful brewery, you need to produce great tasting beers for a broad audience.

In order to create those brews, you need to have great ingredients, great recipes and the right equipment. Whether you are looking for fermenters, kettles, barrels, kegs, or bottling equipment, at North Star Leasing, we offer a brewery equipment financing program that can fit your needs. Our team will gladly provide brewery equipment financing for 12 to 60 months so you can find a monthly payment that is supported by your budget.

Your Equipment Financing Options

You have two options when you decide to lease equipment from North Star Leasing: used brewery equipment financing or new brewery equipment financing. We’ll gladly provide you with the brewery equipment that best suits your budget — all you have to do is find the equipment you would like to purchase, and we’ll provide the financing if your application says you qualify for a lease.

Since 1979, our staff has helped a variety of businesses grow by providing them with the equipment financing they need, including breweries across the nation. Need help growing your business on a budget? Contact us today and we can help you figure out an estimated monthly payment based on the brewery equipment you need.

Types Of Brewery Equipment We Finance

So, what equipment does your craft brewery need to increase production? A lot of that is determined by how big your brewery is and how much beer you need to produce for your customer base. In fact, there are three main situations when breweries are faced with equipment challenges:

  1. When they first open their brewery.
  2. When they expand their operations.
  3. When they add a new menu item.

Regardless of what you might need to get your brewing business off the ground and running, our staff is here to assist you with your brewery equipment financing every step of the way. We love helping businesses thrive!

Watch our video below to learn how we helped our neighbor, Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, meet the demands of their customers.

If you need it for your brewery, chances are we’ll help you finance it. Some of the brewery equipment that we’ve helped businesses finance includes a few of the following items:


Why You Should Finance Your Brewery Equipment Through North Star Leasing

So, why you should lease equipment rather than purchase it on your own? There are several benefits to leasing over purchasing, and sometimes the answer to that question is ultimately dependent on your given individual situation.

At North Star Leasing, our brewery equipment financing program has helped several U.S. brewers get the equipment they need in a timely manner so they can get their business on the map. We also offer lease-to-own options so the equipment you finance through us can eventually be completely yours.

Our brewery equipment financing process is easier than a traditional bank loan and cheaper than a credit card. We provide flexible leasing options for new and used equipment with terms from 12 to 60 months. With 40 years of experience in the industry, our team is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Here’s some more information on why you should consider North Star Leasing when you’re sorting through brewery equipment financing options.

The Benefits of Brewery Equipment Financing With Us:

  1. You’ll avoid large down payments and associated bank fees. This is especially helpful for your savings if you’re in the beginning stages of your business.
  2. You can add equipment as necessary. In other words, if you decide you need another piece of equipment than you originally planned for, you won’t have to apply for a new loan through the bank. You’ll simply just have to tell us what you need and we’ll provide you with a brewery equipment financing estimate!
  3. Flexibility. We’re not like a demanding bank that will penalize you for not making money — we’re in this to help businesses, not hurt them. You can match payments for your brewery equipment based on your cash flow needs. That’s why we give all our clients a financing estimate before we get rolling on your brewery equipment financing. We want to ensure you’re able to make payments for your equipment comfortably.  
  4. You’ll get today’s technology on the spot. If you’re in dire need of an equipment update, you can get modern state-of-the-art equipment without the hassle or worries of immediately affording it, allowing you to stay competitive.

Our Personal Touch

We live in an increasingly impersonal world. When was the last time you called a business about your account and spoke with someone who actually remembered you? At North Star Leasing, we take pride in taking the time to get to know our clients. More than that, we understand our customers’ expectations, needs and goals.

Our employees average more than 15 years of experience with us here at North Star Leasing. We take pride in our exceptional customer service and ability to put our clients’ needs first. When you call, expect the phone to be picked up by the second ring, and expect a helpful, professional and knowledgeable person at the other end of the line.

Whether you’re requesting an additional brewery equipment lease, working out payment terms, or are asking about the benefits of leasing over purchasing, our highly trained and experienced staff will be able to provide you with the answers you seek.

Fast Pre-Approval

Contact us today for a financing estimate for your brewery by filling out our online form or by calling our team at (888) 868-1711. We will provide you with a fast, no obligation pre-approval so you can be our next brewery success story.


FAQ: Commonly Asked Questions About Brewery Equipment Financing

We know that as a business owner, you might not know everything about leasing brewery equipment right off the bat. You just know you want to make great beer and share it with your community, and we’re here to help make that process a bit easier.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our equipment financing company and how we can benefit your business.

Q: Why would I choose to lease a piece of equipment instead of buying it?

A: There are many reasons business owners opt to lease a piece of brewing equipment instead of outright purchasing it. Owning equipment obviously gives you the most control over what you do with it, but financing equipment has several advantages as well.

Most of the time, financial restrictions are the number one reason an up-and-coming brewery will opt to lease over purchase. You have to invest a lot of time and money when you start a new business, and cost restrictions can hinder your ability to afford your own equipment right from the start. When you lease a piece of brewing equipment, you only have to pay some fees and the cost of the first down payment. When you purchase equipment, you’ll likely have to pay the full cost upfront.

Another reason you might consider brewery equipment financing would be to take advantage of business expenses payments. You can save money in taxes when you have a lease payment, which can typically be used as a deductible business expense when you’re using the equipment for your business. What business owner doesn’t love saving money when tax season rolls around?

Lastly, if your business proves successful and lasts several years (like we know it can), you’ll likely need to update your equipment as technology in the industry advances. When you lease your equipment rather than purchase, you’ll always have the opportunity to upgrade to up-to-date equipment without feeling guilty.

Q: What does your leasing procedure look like?

A: We like to keep things simple. There are five simple steps to financing equipment through North Star Leasing. Our leasing procedure typically occurs in this order:

  1. You submit your simple, online application.
  2. When your application has been approved, we’ll be in touch.
  3. With a finalized invoice, we will generate contracts for you to sign.
  4. When contracts are signed, we tell the vendor that it’s time to deliver your equipment.
  5. Once your equipment has been delivered and verified by you, the vendor is paid and your lease has begun!

Q: What makes North Star Leasing different than other brewery equipment financing companies?

A: Our staff at North Star Leasing has financed more than 50,000 transactions over the past 40 years in business, helping businesses in industries ranging from brewing to automotive to plumbing equipment. We have decades of experience under our belts, allowing us to train our entire staff to handle any given situation you might be in and to make accurate and realistic financing options for your business.

We also know how to develop relationships with our business owner clients and help them navigate our financing process. Whatever you may need throughout your equipment financing journey, we’re here to help.

Our brewery equipment financing programs vary from 12 to 60 months, or we also have seasonal and custom programs if that is the best fit for your business model. All programs include a purchase option at the end of the lease for $1, and there is no penalty for prepayment.

Brew Your Business: Choose North Star Leasing For Your Brewery Equipment Financing


Our staff at North Star Leasing is dedicated to helping breweries across the nation thrive and succeed. With more than 150 years of combined experience on staff, we understand the challenges our clients face every day as business owners. That’s why we have two main priorities as a business: to be upfront and honest about our financing estimates, and to deliver a fast turnaround time for our high number of applications.

If you’re in the beer and brewing industry and you’re looking to finance equipment for your business, contact our team today. We can provide you with an estimated monthly payment depending n what equipment you need to lease.