We all know how this begins.

A customer either calls, shows up at your business, or requests a quote from your website. It’s official – they are interested in buying new equipment.

This is great news, right?

An interested prospect is always exciting. But does the process end the way you anticipated it to? Do you end up closing the sale? Does that customer have a path to purchase, and by that, we mean:  Do they have the money needed to complete the transaction?

Sales 101 – make it as easy as possible for your customer to buy.

As you would expect, most customers set out to look at new equipment for investigative purposes.  Sure, they need it. Yes, they want it, but smart business owners are going to start their homework before they even figure out how to pay for it. So make that part easy for them.

Enter a leasing equipment company like North Star Leasing. We have the money to lend those customers who want to buy equipment. You might have to let your customers know that money is out there, and available to them if they qualify, but that’s easier than you think. In many cases, financing is the best option you can give them. It’ll help you close more deals.

When you tell your customer that financing is available while they are considering all of their options, you’ve just reduced the amount of homework they need to do.

Aligning with a third-party financing provider has added benefits you (and your customer) might not consider:
  • Financing includes all of the components of the sale:  Equipment, taxes and delivery costs.
  • Approving for more than the invoice price opens the door for upselling ad-ons or upgrading the purchase.
  • Reduce the sale-to-close time by offering an easy and quick payment solution.

Check out how this works in the real world.

A childcare center wants to put in artificial turf on its play area. It’s about a $25,000 job and the childcare center knows it has to get it done, they just don’t know how they can come up with the needed cash. They’ve gotten a quote from a trusted turf dealer, and the turf dealer, smartly, has added a link to North Star Leasing’s online application on the quote. The childcare center owners apply for financing through North Star Leasing, get qualified for $35,000 in a matter of hours and quickly proceed with their turf order, confident they can make their monthly payment.

The best part:  when the project was installed,   THE VENDOR GOT PAID.

It boils down to this:

Don’t assume the next customer who calls you or walks through your door has the money, budget or even plan for buying the equipment they want.  When you tell them you offer financing, you show them the money – or at least an easy path to it.

For those who are visual learners, check out this video that explains the process.

Things to Consider When You Are Considering Your Equipment Sales