It’s been, well, quite the year.

After a full year since COVID-19 was officially declared a global pandemic, North Star Leasing spent some time reflecting on what has happened over the past 12 months to our customers, vendors, and employees.

Yes, some businesses needed assistance, but funding continued. Hard work paid off.  The spirit of business and community shone through during unprecedented times.

Here’s a snapshot of what happened in the North Star Leasing world.

It’s really quite amazing.

As we recognized it’s sometimes the little things we’re most thankful for, here’s what some of the North Star Leasing team had to say:

Some of us found silver linings.

“Having to transition to a home-based office, was not my idea of fun. I would miss the team, the interactions, the jocularity and the great lunches as a group. It took about three months to realize that working from home wasn’t a bad thing, it actually works pretty well….and you can get a whole lot more done without interruptions.”

The fact that North Star Leasing helped other businesses realize success seemed to stand out.

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we came together as a company to help hundreds of new businesses acquire the equipment they needed to continue to grow their businesses, while also having a great year for North Star Leasing.”

A common theme of perseverance emerges.

“Despite all of the individual trials and tribulations that Covid-19 brought to many of us on a personal and professional level, we all seemed to adjust very quickly and thanks to the leadership team and individual efforts, NSL continued to help our customers, community and each other even more. I believe we are even stronger because of the collective efforts and kindness.”

“I’m most proud of the fact that I’m part of a company that has helped and continues to help our customers during difficult times, such as a pandemic, by offering solutions for them.”

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North Star Leasing Reflects on the “Year that Was”