When it comes to the transportation industry, we offer equipment leasing options that let business owners avoid bank loan paperwork and using their expensive credit cards. At North Star Leasing, we provide financing for new and used transportation equipment, including a few of the following items:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • APUs
  • Trailer Skirts
  • Fairings
  • And much more!

We provide flexible leasing options for new and used equipment with terms from 12 to 60 months. Our team has 40 years in the industry, and we are ready to help you take your business to the next level!

The Personal Touch

Our team helps customers reach their needs and goals because we take a very personal approach. To us, you’re not just another number — you’re our customer, and it is our privilege to get to know you. We understand what it takes to thrive as a business owner, and that understanding starts with our employees, who average more than 15 years of experience with us here at North Star Leasing.

It continues with our exceptional customer service. When you call, expect the phone to be picked up by the second ring, and expect a helpful, professional, and knowledgeable person at the other end of the line. Our employees can help you with the following: requesting an additional equipment lease, working out payment terms, asking about the benefits of leasing over purchasing, and more! Our goal is to provide you with the answers you seek.

Fast Pre-Approval

Complete our online form for a fast, no obligation pre-approval, or contact our team today at 844-80-LEASE!