Whether you’re starting your first distillery, or you’re interested in expanding your existing one, it’s important you know what you need to be successful. Every distillery owner and operator knows that a successful distillery comes down to a few great things:

  • Ingredients
  • Recipes
  • Equipment

Alongside persistence and hard work, these three factors are at the core of every successful distillery — or absent from unsuccessful ones. Distilling the perfect liquor takes more than a love for the product; it takes a passion for the process.

As a Top Rated Local® Business Equipment Leasing Company, you can trust that we know how to help you find and lease a still boiler and other distilling equipment to complement your operation.

What Is A Still Boiler?

As an apparatus utilized to distill liquor, a still boils and then cools liquid mixtures to condense the vapor. A still boiler uses the same process as a basic distillation apparatus; however, a still boiler is used on a much larger scale. Still boilers have been used to make more than liquor, too, including medicine, perfume, water for injection (pharmaceutical use), and to separate and purify chemicals. Primarily, stills are used to produce beverages that contain ethanol.

How To Choose A Still Boiler?

You’re interested in a still boiler. Great! At North Star Leasing, we’re here to help you get your new distillery off the ground or expand your current one. Here are some general guidelines on how to choose your next still:

How much spirit do you want to make?

The distillation process starts with the still. Determine how much spirit you want to make, the recipes you’ll be using, and how much space you will need to house the entire setup. Once you know all of this information, you can begin calling around for equipment and parts, including North Star Leasing.

Where will you get your equipment and parts?

It can be tough to find all brand new equipment and parts for a distillation operation. About 50 years ago, a distillery would need to purchase equipment from various individuals and companies from around the world. Now, distillery equipment and parts can be found all in one place: North Star Leasing.

Which components will you need?

For most distillery operations, you need a set list of equipment and parts. In some cases, your operation may need specific parts you’ll have a hard time finding on your own. What’s great about North Star Leasing is that we carry everything you need to start or expand your distillery. It’s no surprise why our customers have named us a Top Rated Local® Business Equipment Leasing Company in Burlington.

Why Choose North Star Leasing

Imagine your distillery three years from now. Will it be a budding business ready to serve your local market? Will you be distributing your award-winning liquor across state lines? What if you could share your spirit globally? These are all big dreams, but you can achieve them. You have a passion for the process. North Star Leasing has the equipment. Let’s partner and turn you dream into a reality.

You’re doing more than distilling fine liquor. You’re investing in an industry that’s been around for generations. More people are discovering the beauty and boldness of distilling liquor each year. In 2017, the liquor industry grew more than 20%, up from $3 billion in total net worth. If you’re not sure about starting your own distillery or expanding your current one, don’t miss the opportunity!

At North Star Leasing, we offer our customers 12 to 60-month leasing options on distillery equipment. You’re bound to find what you need to suit your endeavors in the distilling industry with us. Give us a call to set up a consultation, and let’s get you started right.