When it comes to running a successful distillery, you need to have great ingredients, a great recipe and the right equipment. At North Star Leasing, we are strong supporters of the distilling industry and we understand the hard work and persistence that goes into distilling the perfect liquor. That’s why we offer distillery equipment financing options for several distillery equipment products. 

How can we help you kickstart your business?

According to the American Craft Spirits Association, craft spirits producers sold nearly 6 million cases in 2016 — up 15 percent from the year before. The industry was worth nearly $3 billion that year and grew by 25 percent in value from 2015. In 2017, the number of active craft distillers in the nation grew by 20.8 percent. The message is loud and clear: distilleries are gaining extreme popularity across the nation, much like breweries did about a decade ago.

If you are a distiller in today’s day and age, you’re investing in an industry that gains more and more followers each year. You should spend less time worrying about how you’re going to afford brand new distilling equipment and more time perfecting distillery recipes that can appeal to a large audience of people.

Whether you are looking for fermenters, stills, boilers, tanks or bottling equipment, at North Star Leasing, we have a distillery equipment financing program that is bound to fit your needs. We will gladly provide distillery equipment financing for leases between 24 to 72 months so you can find a monthly payment that is supported by your distillery’s budget.

Your Equipment Financing Options

When you choose to finance equipment through North Star Leasing, you have two options to choose from: used distillery equipment financing or new distillery equipment financing. Our team of professionals can help you determine the kind of distilling equipment that will fit within the confines of your budget. All we need from you is your preference of equipment and the exact kind of equipment you’ll need, and from there, we’ll provide the financing.


So, what kind of equipment does your distillery need to increase production? Much of that is ultimately dependent on how new your distillery is, how big you want your distillery to become and how much you will need to produce for your average customer base.

Whatever equipment you might need to either start or grow your business, we can help you find distillery equipment financing that works best for your situation. Our goal is to help businesses, big and small, thrive in today’s thriving distilling market.

If it’s a piece of necessary equipment for your distillery, chances are we’ll help you finance it. Below, we’ve listed some of the distilling equipment we’ve helped businesses finance throughout the years.

We will also assist with any distilling-related finance accessories, shipping and installation.

At North Star Leasing, we’ll gladly provide used distillery equipment financing to your business in addition to new equipment. You find the equipment you would like to purchase; we’ll provide the financing. Don’t think twice about finding equipment that’ll help your business thrive. For the distillery equipment you need, apply for financing with us.