Your brewery may have started in your basement. It may have started in your backyard or in your garage. Wherever it began, all you know is that you’re growing and you’re in need of better, more advanced equipment.

A labeling machine is a huge investment in your brewery, as it will help place your logo and brand on your cans and bottles. The process of placing labels on each individual can or bottle is time-consuming and tedious, and an efficient and effective labeling machine can help you take your brewery to the next level.

If you’re looking for a labeling machine or some sort of other brewing equipment and can’t afford to outright purchase these items, get help with financing at North Star Leasing. We offer several options for brewery equipment financing, and our goal is to help businesses across the nation — no matter how small or large — succeed.

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What Is A Labeling Machine?

This might sound straightforward and obvious, but a labeling machine is used to efficiently plaster your brand’s logos on the cans and bottles that your product comes in.

Your label is important because it portrays your message and tells the story of your brewery. It needs to be memorable because you want consumers to know exactly what to look for when they’re looking for your beers.

However, placing labels by hand on cans and bottles can be a lengthy process, and this machine speeds that process up so you can get your product out to your customers sooner.  

On average, a labeling machine can cost anywhere between $55,000 to $85,000, depending on the configuration and brand you choose.

Why You Should Finance Your Labeling Machine/Brewing Equipment

Sometimes, brewery owners can afford the expensive upfront costs of equipment they need to continue growing their business. Other times, they might need a piece of equipment, but they’re unsure of the most cost-effective way to get it.

At North Star Leasing, we’re here to help solve that problem.

Below, we’ve listed a few reasons as to why you should finance your next labeling machine or other pieces of brewing equipment through us:

  • You can use your capital on other expenses than just equipment.
  • You can stay competitive by having easy access to the industry’s best technology and equipment.
  • You won’t be tied down with pricey monthly payments until your piece of equipment is entirely paid for.
  • You can protect your line of credit.
  • We offer competitive monthly rates.
  • Our application process is quick and simple.
  • And more!

We offer flexible financing programs that can range from 12 to 60 months. All of our programs include a $1 purchase option at the end of your lease. On top of that, we don’t have any penalties for prepayments. Learn more about our equipment financing programs here.

Get Affordable Brewery Equipment Financing Solutions Today

At North Star Leasing, we have decades of experience with business equipment financing, and we’ve helped breweries across the nation kick start their business. If you’re just starting out in the brewing industry and need help financing your equipment, or if your small local brewery is starting to gain popularity nationwide, we can work with you so you can get affordable monthly payments for whatever piece of brewing equipment you may need.

Whether you need a labeling machine or a brewing kettle, we’re sure we have a brewery equipment financing option that will work best for you. Contact us today to learn more or to get started with our equipment financing process!