Your Solution for Business Equipment Financing

We live in an increasingly impersonal world. When was the last time you called a business about your account and spoke with someone who actually remembered you? At North Star Leasing, we take pride in remembering our customers. More than that, we know our customers—your needs and goals.

That understanding starts with our employees averaging more than 15 years experience with us here at North Star Leasing. It continues with exceptional customer service. When you call, expect the phone to be picked up by the second ring. And expect a helpful, professional, and knowledgeable person at the other end. Whether you are requesting an additional equipment lease, working out payment terms, or asking the benefits of leasing over purchasing, we will provide the answers you seek.

What We Lease

North Star Leasing Company works with thousands of vendors across the United States to provide business equipment financing to customers across a wide variety of industries. There’s a reason why we say “When it’s for your business, chances are we can lease it.” You can think of us as an alternative to a bank loan. We will work with the vendor of your choice to help you acquire new, used, or private sale equipment for your business.

Below is a sampling of the industry equipment we will finance:

Are you looking for equipment financing for another industry and don’t see it on this list? Don’t worry! Chances are we can finance it. Contact us for full details.

We recognize that leasing affords businesses the power to purchase equipment today to have it start earning money immediately. As a result, we look for reasons to say “Yes” and get your business growing! Let us know what equipment you are looking for and how it will benefit your business. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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