North Star Leasing takes your brewery to new heights

When the Craft Brewer’s Conference begins in Denver on Thursday, it won’t be hard to detect a slight hint of Vermont throughout the Colorado Convention Center. After all, the Green Mountain State has one of the highest numbers of breweries per capita, and leaders of Vermont-based breweries like Daniel Sartwell (Black Flannel Brewing) and Scott Shirley (Lawson’s Fine Liquids) are featured speakers at some of the conference’s seminars. There is even a Vermonter on the Brewer’s Association Board of Directors (Tim Brady from Whetstone Station).

Also in attendance will be a crew of five from North Star Leasing, a Vermont-based equipment leasing company that in recent years has helped an impressive number of craft breweries across the country grow their businesses. They’ll be in Booth #1108.

Being in the Northeast (a hotbed of craft brewing) has given the North Star Leasing team a high level of proficiency and fluency in the craft beverage industry. The first equipment deal North Star Leasing completed for a brewery was back in the mid-1990s. Since then, North Star has expanded its reach within the industry immensely. As of today, North Star Leasing has put together financing packages for more than 100 breweries stretching from Maine to California – some of them household names, at least in those households that drink beer. And the last few years have been remarkable.

NSL commitment deepens

Jason Nadeau, North Star’s VP of Sales, said he’s seen his team grow the amount they’ve funded in the craft beverage industry – from a few hundred thousand dollars in 2016 to more than $7 million so far in 2021.

 “We finance small brew systems for just taprooms to multi-barrel systems,” Nadeau said. “We also do a lot of canning lines, for the small brewers that only distribute locally up some of the largest brewers in the country that distribute to all 50 states.”

Nadeau will be in Denver with four other North Star Leasing representatives, all with experience finding fast, hassle-free financing for the specialized equipment required in the craft brew industry. Jay Conder, Scott Goodwin, Daren Solomon, and Mike Wasko will also be in the booth.

“I focus a lot of my work on the craft brewery industry,” said Conder. “I’ve helped finance more than $4 million in equipment. A lot of that is tanks, kegs, and just about everything else needed to a complete brewhouse funded.”

Wasko, who estimates more than 50 percent of the financing packages he puts together at North Star Leasing each year are in this industry, has considerable expertise in aligning funding for canning lines.

It’s a great community to be involved in,” Wasko said. “Hearing all of the success that has been had over the past year, even with the negative impact of Covid on many communities, has been a wonderful experience to be a part of.”

Mile high expectations

All five said they’re looking forward to sampling an ice-cold beer with their clients – both existing and new ­– and helping breweries find the equipment that will help them reach their potential.

Daren Solomon said he’s looking forward to spending time with sharp, savvy professionals focused on the success of their breweries.

“The successful producers are the ones who have also focused on the business side of their operation,” Solomon said. “They don’t invest their hard-earned cash into a depreciating asset like brewhouses, tanks or a canning line. They know their dollars today are worth more than their dollars tomorrow and they operate their business accordingly to maximize their financial position.”

Wasko echoed Solomon.

“Having the chance to provide our services in an effort to help craft brewers achieve their goals and possibly play a small role in the success of their business is what it’s all about,” said Wasko.

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